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Primero a professional technology for detecting all kinds of precious metals, raw metals, gemstones, voids and even groundwater, with the ability to accurately know the shape, size, type and depth of the target. No more false results. . . Primero is equipped with nine detection systems that were developed and designed by Ajax engineers with creativity and precision, taking into consideration all prospectors’ needs, and supporting all types of terrains and soil through smart calibration technique.

Detection Systems

Long-Range Detection Systems
(Automatic & Manual)

By using intelligent calibration technology, PRIMERO recognizes the type of each search area and offers accurate results. It has a wide range of frequencies and allows a front distance of up to 2850 meters and depth reaching 50 meters based on field tests in different terrains.

Ionic Long-Range System

This system has been developed to detect very old burials which have historical value, hundreds of years buried treasures, since this system can detect the ionic domains that treasures create through time. It can detect objects up to 20 meters maximum depth and a front distance of 200 meters max.

3D Ground Imaging System

3D Ground Scan System makes it easier, imagine that scanning the ground layers is just like looking at a book sheet and you can read each and every word of it, that’s true; with Primero you can see all underground hidden objects whether they are metals, voids, treasures, underground utilities, graves . . . etc.

Up to 30 meters of real depth reach through the high power emitted from the four main scanning sensors to penetrate the ground layers and give a full view in a 3D shape of the underground objects on the device screen or on the tablet.

Live Scan System

No more complications, the Live Scan is developed to make it easier for discovering underground objects while having a walk over a specific area, a live photo will explain all metallic buried objects represented by different colours while each colour points to a type of target as follows;

    • Green: soil nature
    • Red: metals
    • Blue: voids & caves

Gradiosmart System

Get closer to your target with the interactive sound and digital indicators, the more closer to the target the more sound interaction to hear. Gradiosmart is a smooth tool and easy to carry in all direction which makes it useful to discover the walls of a cave entire.

Gradiosmart is developed to double confirm the existence of a specific type of target with a maximum depth reach of 10 meters.

Geophysical System

PRIMERO’s geophysical Prospecting System is developed and designed especially to detect raw metals, since it measure the soil resistivity by connecting two metallic probes to the ground and to check whether there are any raw metals in a direct touch with soil, by stimulating the soil molecules and to detect the precious metals on a depth of 50 meters max.

Pulse Induction System

With the high-tech three different size search coils that come with the Primero, detecting metals underground starting from small size to big size is now much easier and more accurate.

This system is very critical to check a specific point and a fast-responding system, you can also use it while excavating to pinpoint the excavated soil and make sure there are no metals in it.

Spectrum Analyzer System

The same coils of the previous system can be used for this as well while this system will give you the accurate target depth in addition to a 2D view of the target.

The Features



A powerful rechargeable battery keeps you going all day 7.4 volts, 3300 mAh, Typical usage time 10 hours.


Depth Reach

50 meters max of real depth can be reached. Dream about getting what’s underground by going deep through.



Primero device supports many languages wherever you are around the world English, French, Spanish, Deutsche, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and Italian.



The best monitor ever in sunny days and the dark places. TFT Color, 5 inch, with 16 bits colorful.


High-Tech Audio Alerts

It is used to distinguish between targets with a specific tone for each, You will easily distinguish the target sound.



AJAX got your back and gives you 2 Years of warranty; A team of professional engineers follows up with you after dealing.

Detection Systems

Primero device operates on a highly efficient 9 search systems designed under the supervision of specialized engineers and globally tested to guarantee its results.

Detection Targets

Gold, Gold Nuggets, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Tin, Lead, Aluminum, Meteor, Diamond, Emerald, Groundwater and Cavities.


Ajax devices are American-made products that have won ISO and CE COMPLIANCE certificates for their quality and efficiency.


Main unit
High-gain antenna
LRL antenna
C1 search coil
Car charger
Power adapter
Battery pack
C3 search Coil
Gradio smart sensor
Imaging scanner
Connection clips
C2 search Coil 
Geo probs
Geo hub
Connection cables

Specifications :

Research Principle Multi-detection systems and functions, contains 9 optional systems
Operating Principle Processing data and digital signals and converting them to visual and audible results
Type of processing Multiprocessing
Operation processor 32 Pit MICROCONTROLLER
Frequency use vlf 9 khz
Display Screen TFT colorful screen with 800 x 480WVGA size, 16-bit color depth
Basic battery 7.4 volts, 3300 mA
Power consumption Average consumption 400 mA
Basic Battery Hours (5 hours) and it may different regarding on screen brightness settings, sound levels and other functions that may be in playback mode.
Power Bank Hours 10 hours.
Electric charger Power supply / power input 240-100 V AC, power output 15 V 1.2A
Power Storage External backup battery 11.1 volts, 7800 mA with two power outputs. Power Output USB: 5 Volts 2.1 Amps, for general use (Mobile phone, Tablet phone, Tablet PC). Device Power output: 11.1 volts 3 amp.
storage capacity 1 GB / it can save to 999 scans.
Sound High quality sounds, 32 KBIT/S, MP3
Sound notifications Yes, with full control of sound levels in all functions.
Vibrating Alert Yes, (optional)
Bluetooth: Yes available, 2.4 GHz, sensitivity up to -80dBm
Languages: Yes, multilingual, with 8 languages
date and time Yes
password Yes, resettable / or canceled password
Dimensions: 49x21x15 cm to 144x40x24 cm depending on the system
Real dimensions 88x50x20 cm
Full weight in bag 8 kg
Weight for assembly Ranging from 1 kg to 2.5 kg, depending on the sensor connected to the device.
Operating temperature From 10° C to 60° C
Storage temperature From 10° C to 80° C
Humidity: It can be stored and operated at 100% humidity.

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