Adash A4400 VA4 Pro II Vibration Analyzer - NEW

VA4 Pro II is a professional 4/4 channel signal analyzer built especially for vibration analyst who has the highest expectations of their equipment. With up to 90 kHz frequency range, raw signal recording and many special measurements such as full spectrum, the VA4 Pro II fulfills all vibration analysts measurement needs.
The A4400 instrument contains these measurement modes:
  • Data Collector (Route measurements)
  • Balancer
  • Signal Recorder

FFT spectrum with 25 600 lines

  • Extremely fast data acquisition
  • 4 channel simultaneous measurement of AC signals with tachometer
  • 4 DC channels for process measurements
  • Balancing Advisor helps you with balancing
  • New intuitive graphics interface for balancing

Measurement of 4 channel simultaneously gives a lot of flexibility in fault diagnosis. For instance, you can get a good insight of the alignment by measuring the radial and axial vibration across the coupling of the motor and pump.

120Gb allows 35 hours continuous recording of 4 channel raw signals up to 25.6kHz, so you can make the diagnosis later; and won't miss any transient behavior of the machine.

Simultaneous Measurement

Multi-measurements can be measured in parallel for a single measurement point, which save time; and improve consistency in data especially when the machine speed or running condition varies with time.

Example of multi-measurements:

  • Overall Velocityaccording to ISO-2732
  • Time signal (1k high pass filtered) for inspection of impacts due to bearing fault
  • FFT spectrum 0-20kHz, 25,600 lines
  • Envelope Spectrum


  • A4400 VA4 Pro provides professional 2-plane balancing function.
  • The whole balancing process will be guided on screen with easy-to-understand figures and instructions.
  • The weights will be automatically split and calculated for situations where the location of weights is limited, e.g. fan.

Data Collector

A4400 VA4Pro can be used as a Data Collector for routine data collection.

Parallel Measurements are performed simultaneously, that save time in data collection at each measurement point. It also improve consistency of data especially when the speed or process condition of the machine varies with time.

For experienced user, historical data can be downloaded for on-site trending and comparison, so that diagnosis can made on spot immediately.

Run-up / Coast Down

Run-up / Coast-down can be easily carried out on A4400 VA4Pro. Raw time data can also be recorded as a backup for critical machine. 4 DC Process Parameters can be measured at the same time for correlation analysis with vibration readings.

Different graph is available for run-up / coast-down analysis:

  • Bode plot (amplitude and phase vs. rpm)
  • Nyguist plot
  • Waterfall plot
  • Cascade plot

Software DDS 2010

One software for all instruments!

The Adash Ltd. keeps one rule all the time from 1991. The measured data from any instrument (portable or on-line) are saved in one data format to the database. It enables to use just one data acquisition software. The software system DDS 2011 contains all functions, which are necessary for next data analysis.

Main features:

  • Free updates available on our website
  • Bearing database (about 30 000 bearings)
  • High speed data processing
  • Reporting
  • Large databases
  • SQL server support
  • LAN connection
  • Technical support directly with the manufacturer

The Adash A4400 VA4 Pro CMS PRO Balance Kit includes functionality for Data Collection, Run-up Analyzer, Balancer, Recorder, FASIT, Stethoscope, Lubri and Octive Analyzer in one unit! System includes:

  • (1) A4400 VA4 Pro instrument
  • (2) Accelerometer
  • (2) Coiled cables
  • (2) Magnetic base sets
  • (1) Battery Charger
  • (1) Laser Tacho Stobe, mag base, cable, reflective tape
  • (1) Shoulder strap
  • (1) Transport case
  • (1) User Manual
  • (1) DDS 2011 Pro Software package
  • (1) Bearing Data Base
  • (1) A4400 Data Interface Software

VA4 Pro II specifications

Input channels:
4 x AC, ICP® power supply on/off
4 x DC for process values
1 x TACHO for speed probe/external trigger
Input range:
AC /- 12 V peak-peak
DC /- 24V
AD conversion:
24 bit, 64 bit internal signal processing
No AutoGain function!
Dynamic range S/N:
120 dB
Frequency ranges (-3 dB):
Maximum range: 0.35 Hz - 90 kHz (1 Ch, 194 kHz sampling)
Maximum range: 0.35 Hz - 25 kHz (4 Ch, 64 kHz sampling)
Minimum range: 0.35 Hz - 25 Hz (4 Ch, 64 Hz sampling)
Sampling mode:
Fully simultaneous for 4 channels
FFT resolution:
Min. 100 lines
Max. 3 276 800 lines
Unit modes:
Analyzer - analytical measurements
Data collector - route measurements
Balancer - 1 and 2 plane on site balancing
Run up - run up and coast down measurements
Recorder - raw signal recording for later post analysis
Stethoscope - listening of the bearing/machine noise
FASIT - expert system for automatic fault detection
Octave analyzer - hearable sound measurements
Bump test - measurement of natural frequencies
ADS - Animated Deflection Shapes (Operating deflection shapes)
Ultrasound - measurement of ultrasound in 30 - 50 kHz range
1140 x 800 pixels
Intel Atom 1.9 GHz
Memory, Route:
64 GB, max. 16 GB for one route, number of routes is limited by free memory only
Data processing:
Real time FFT
ACMT - low speed bearing analysis
Order analysis
User band pass analysis
RPM measurement
DC measurement
Orbit measurement
Raw signal recorder:
64 kHz sampling frequency
4 Ch memory consumption 3 GB/hour
4 Ch total recording - 20 hours
Manual, External, Signal level, Time
Speed change, Time interval
USB 3.0, 2.0 compatible
Operating temperature range:
-10˚C to 50˚C
Battery 8 hours of operation
Aluminium heavy duty
Size & Weight:
280 x 205 x 55 mm, 2200 g
English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Thai

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