PRUFTECHNIK Vibxpert II Balancer Vibration Analyzer - USED

The smart measuring principle and the powerful computing capacity enable balancing on one or two planes. Various operating modes are available for balancing, so that a perfect result is always achieved.VIBXPERT II Balancer can be upgraded to a high-performance condition monitoring device VIBXPERT II, including all operating modes for machine condition monitoring.
FThis specially for field balancing designed instrument is based on the
VIBXPERT II platform, which is used worldwide by many technicians
for mobile data acquisition and signal analysis.
The 'Balancer' is distinguished by its efficiency and ease of use. The
measurement process implemented in the instrument is based on the
well-known "influencing coefficients method" and has been optimized
by a new knowledge-based algorithm. In addition to the balancing
procedure, VIBXPERT II allows vibration analyzes, resonance tests
and phase measurements to support the diagnosis of an imbalance
and to determine the optimum operating conditions for the rotor.
•     Field balancing in one or two planes
•     Vibration analysis
•     Resonance test
•     Overall value and process parameter
•     Time waveform
•     Amplitude spectrum
•     Envelope spectrum (acceleration)
•     Phase measurement, incl. recording
•     Impact test (1-channel)
•     Coast-down/ Run-up test (Phase, overalls)
•     Frequency markers
•     Signal post processing for time waveform (overalls)
•     ISO standards for evaluation
Valuable additional benefits
•     Saving reports on USB pen drive
•     Robust carrying case
•     Comprehensive accessories
•    Two synchronous measurement channels for balancing in two
•    Unlimited storage capacity (Standard: 2 GB CompactFlash).
•    Dustproof and splashproof (IP65) - ideal for use in demanding industrial environments
•    Connector for NiCrNi thermocouples
•    Stroboscope control output

VIB 5.310 B VIBXPERT II 'Balancer' package :

VIB5.310 VIBXPERT II FFT data collector, incl. battery (VIB 5.325)
VIB 5.317-B Firmware-Zertifikat ‚Balancer‘
VIB 5.320-INT Charger
VIB5.328 Case
VIB 5.330 MEM Connecting adapter for USB pen drive
VIB 5.330-USB USB pen drive
VIB 5.330 SUSB USB cable for communication
VIB5.356 Carrying pouch
VIB 3.306 Reflective tape, 10 mm
VIB 3.420 Magnetic holder for curved surfaces, 2x
VIB 4.750 Extension (5 m) for trigger cable VIB 5.432-2,9
VIB 5.339 Extension (8 m) for Linedrive sensor cable
VIB 5.432-2,9 Cable for Trigger / RPM sensor
VIB 5.436 Linedrive sensor cable, spiralized
VIB 5.437-2,9 Linedrive sensor cable, straight
VIB 6.147 Mobile accelerometer for low-speed machines, 2x
VIB 6.631 Laser trigger sensor
VIB 6.632 Trigger stand
LIT 53.203.EN VIBXPERT II Balancer, operating instructions
LIT 53.103.EN VIBXPERT II Balancer, short instructions
LIT 01.800 CD ROM, Condition Monitoring catalogues, brochures, magazines
VIB8.970 CD ROM, Condition Monitoring Software & Firmware

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  • Model: Vibxpert II Balancer

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